About Us

Our success is linked to yours

cropped-sc1-e1364157423655.jpgSleems Consulting distinguishes itself by building relationships with our clients and bringing them the best expertise in technology, technical ability and innovation and is constantly striving towards finding new products and services that will give our clients the high productivity in their business. Sleems Consulting provides clients value, through Information Technology services and IT support and IT outsourcing.

Sleems Consulting was established in 2005 by a team of Senior System Engineer veterans seeking to provide the best in Information technology, service and support that is unparalleled. We have over 50 plus years of collective, Information Technology expertise from being in fortune 500 companies that we wanted to bring to the small to mid-size businesses.

What We Do Better

Sleems Consulting implements interactive, Information technology Solutions that help our clients excel in their productivity, increasing top-line revenue and bottom-line income. We believe the value of information is directly linked to the decisions it can influence, and we take pride in the fact that our clients report extraordinary financial return on their investment in our services. Sleems Consulting develops customized IT solutions to meet your unique business needs and to identify your IT business objectives. Over the years, Sleems Consulting has earned a reputation as a customer advocate as we architect the most efficient, high performance, and functional IT solutions that yield a rapid return on investment with 100% focus on delivering a solution that is the right fit, with the right products and services.

Why We Are Different

Sleems Consulting believes for our clients to have success is based on the sense of belonging, professionalism, relationships, and our commitment to hard work. While most competitors will make statements about their abilities, we prefer to ask questions. Because at the end of the day, the conversation should be about your company, your needs and how we can help you adapt to your changing business environment

Successful Formula

Sleems Consulting has a simple formula for its success. Its precept is that our success and our clients’ success are inextricably linked together.

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