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Case Study- PPT of Florida

PPT of Florida-Case Study that cut phone service cost by 85%Company Profile

PPT Florida is one of the “up and coming” system integrator in the United States. Established in early 1997, their business focus is¬† on the piping infrastructure for Food, beverage and Pharmaceuticals Industries. PPT of Florida generates $6 million in revenue annually. They employ a team of 16 employees. www.pptflorida.com

 Technology in the form communication is very critical to there efficiency and productivity. They were spending upwards of $2000 per month on traditional telephone service, which was not being updated, or upgraded.

IT Project Goals

  • Reduce their enormous phone cost overall
  • Provide a disaster Recovery ability for their new phone system
  • Improve staff experience with new phone system
  • Eliminate long distance cost to remote offices

Technical Issues

  • Outdated hardware phone system
  • No expert IT staff to maintain current outdated and costly phone system
  • Outdated phone hand sets
  • Needed new rich phone features
  • No current disaster recovery of phone system
  • Eliminate long distance cost between remote offices


  • Implemented VoIP IP PBX phone system, that used existing internet circuit that eliminated all long distance calling to remote offices to place & receive calls
  • No purchase of new hardware, leverage existing server hardware IP PBX system
  • New VoIP desk phones with all richer, fuller call feature that comes with VoIP
  • Reduce PPT of Florida monthly phone bill by 85%.

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