For Today and the Future

Sleem-solutionsAt SLEEMS CONSULTING, we seek to solve business challenges through the intelligent application of virtual infrastructure technology and services. Our Solution Architect teams begin every engagement by understanding your business, your existing infrastructure, and, most importantly, the specific challenges you are looking to solve… today and in the future… all before ever positioning a ‘Product’. Our goal is always, first and foremost, the success of our customers’ technology initiatives and a long-term business relationship.

Sometimes an objective can be met with the simple application of a single  product; as long as it’s the best product for the requirement. More often than not, solving a business challenge requires a mix of products and technologies.

SLEEMS CONSULTING maintains a broad portfolio of enterprise virtual  infrastructure vendor and technology partnerships to meet a wide variety of  project requirements. This gives us the flexibility necessary to design and  propose a best-in-class, integrated solution for every application and every customer environment.


Without the proper Design, Implementation, and Services, hardware and software in boxes is nothing more than that. Not until architected, integrated, and deployed by professionals with an understanding of the technology and business objectives of the customer does a real Solution emerge.

SLEEMS CONSULTING provides complete end-to-end solutions and services to our customers to ensure that every architecture we recommend meets your  requirements, is implemented as professionally and efficiently as possible, and  is fully supported by both SLEEMS CONSULTING and our manufacturer vendor  partners once placed into production.

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