Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Best of Both Worlds

Desktop Virtualization – or a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – utilizes the same basic technologies as server virtualization. This represents a tremendous potential for any organization with regards to desktop management and cost. VDI is designed to give system administrators and end-users the best of both worlds: the ability to host and centrally manage their desktops in the data center while giving end users a full PC desktop experience identical to that of a regular PC. This transparent experience is available from current PCs or a thin client device, from the same office or remotely.

Desktop virtualization

90-95% of your PC resources sit idle at any given time. Desktop Virtualization allows you to separate the desktop operating system and all applications from your desktop computer which can reduce the cost of your PC ownership by 40%. All computing processes take place at the server level which is completely transparent to the user, but allows your users to access their needed files and applications across any connection and from any device—even mobile phones.

  • Reduced PC desktop costs
  • Reduced energy needs
  • Great control of data ad applications
  • Reduced maintenance costs

We are a proud partner with 2X Virtual Computing the up and coming leaders in Virtual Desktop Computing.

Let’s discuss how virtualization could become your most competitive business advantage. Virtualization is no longer a technology for technology’s sake, but a technology for business’ sake.

If you want a company that has vast experience with key virtualization technologies and their business benefits, contact SLEEMS CONSULTING at 888-277-1594 today.

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