Fire your traditional phone company

Sleem-VoIPVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications services help you simplify,
streamline and reduce your phone bill costs by converging voice and data communications over a single IP internet network infrastructure. This service can work with your existing IP infrastructure and provide your organization with a substantial cost savings by eliminating your costly phone system and consolidating both voice and data over one internet access.


VoIP gives your business access to familiar phone features that are typically available through traditional phone service but at a fraction of the cost. Unlike traditional phone service where your business would have to buy or lease phones and other expensive hardware, install wiring, and then pay for a dial tone as well as other needed phone services and long distance coverage, VoIP is simple to use and affordable. When your business selects a SLEEMS CONSULTING VoIP solution, it will have access to the professional phone system it needs without an expensive investment in technology or an unpredictable monthly bill.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of VoIP:

  • Reduce total cost – Reduce your phone bill cost by as much as 50%-70% per month with VoIP.
  • Simplify management – centralized and streamline how you deliver and manage
    voice services across your enterprise.
  • Increase productivity – utilize our managed solutions to free up IT resources so
    your organization focus on your company’s core business.
  • Flexibility and scalability – create a VoIP platform that can support your
    company’s growth through and is flexible to add future applications.
  • Manage multiple locations – connect your locations with our extensive reach and
    nationwide coverage in all 50 states for distributed enterprises like financial.
    services and retail companies.
  • Predictable monthly pricing – with our bundled, flat-rate and communications-as-a-service offering, you know exactly how much you will pay each month.
  • Get business continuity – our services can help ensure your business can
    continue to communicate with customers in the event of a major disruption.

LOGO-3cx_partnerWe are a proud partner with 3CX, the leader in IP PBX phone systems.


With VoIP, your business will have access to a Fortune 500 phone system without the expensive costs of purchasing and maintaining a high-end phone system. To learn more about how a Voice solution from SLEEMS CONSULTING will help your business, please contact us.

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